{Suresh 203} Poem: Chandu’s granny

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{Suresh 203}  Poem: Chandu’s granny  

चंदू की नानी,: ( Chandu ki Nanee)  Chandu’s( a male child name)  maternal grand-mother

Grandmother : Illustration of grandmother, who is holding a small child.

Introduction/Objective:; Here is a nice very small poem, which  I present based on my memory of childhood.  In my opinion, the poems make the learning of Hindi language interesting and easy (for that matter any language)  & provide great satisfaction and  joy to all.

Kindly note that this poem will be read by me twice and the meaning will be explained. Thus, please concentrate first on pronunciation,  and later on meaning.

Poem in Devangaree

चंदू की नानी,

कहे एक  कहानी,

एक  था शरबत,

एक  था पानी,

नानी पीये शरबत,

चंदू पीये पानी,

न  न   नानी,

मैं पियूँगा शरबत|

तुम पियो पानी,



Chandu kee nanee,

Kahey kahanee,

Ek tha sharbat,

Ek tha paanee,

Nanee peeye sharbat,

Chandu peeye paanee,

Na Na nanee

Main piyunga sharbat.

tum piyo panee.                       (please remember, when you are very close to some one ,it even could be mother or granny, children tend to call tum instead aap.)



चंदू की नानी, (Chandu ki Nanee)  Chandu’s maternal grand-mother

कहे एक  कहानी, (Kahay  ek kahanee )  tells a story (granny tells)

एक  था शरबत, ( Ek tha sharbat)  It means there was a glass of  squash (kindly note glass-tumbler word not indicated in poem)

एक था पानी |  ( Ek tha paanee.)  .   There was glass of water ( please note a glass of  water(kindly note glass-tumbler word not indicated in poem)

नानी पीये शरबत, (Nanee peeye sharbat)  Granny drinks  squash

चंदू पीये पानी , ( Chandu peey panee ) Chandu drinks water.

न  न   नानी, ( na  na  nanee)  No, No, granny  ( Here  Chandu , grandson says/interrupts)

मैं पियूँगा शरबत, (Main piyunga sharbat,)  I will drink squash.

तुम पियो पानी |( Tum piyo panee)  You drink water.




नानी (nanee) maternal – grand mother

पीना (peenaa) to drink

कहना (kahana)  to say/tell

कहानी (kahaanee) story   : also called  कथा(katha)

गिलास (Gilaas) tumbler  ( glass  also means  i.e .शीशा (sheeshaa) or कांच  (kaanch).

शरबत (sharbat)  squash

पीना (peenaa) to drink     Please  also note: जल ग्रहण करना (Jal grahan karma)= to drink water                However only ग्रहण (grahan) means eclipse

पानी (panee) water  .( also called जल-jal or  नीर-neer  or तोय (toy) or वारि (vaari )  or उदक (Oodak)  अमृत (amrit)   etc.

पियूँगा (Piyunga)- will drink(in future tense)




1. How, will it be written, if feminine? पियूँगा

2. Masculine for नानी ?

3. Advise two different meanings of ग्रहण  Hindi word.

4. Synonym for कहानी

Task: Please leave a  similar  small Hindi poem  with meaning in English in www.ISpeakHindi.com site


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