[20111005] Learn Hindi Daily Show–Questions, Answers, and Comments

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Hariukg11 asks “how do we say "rooms in a house" in hindi?  like living room,kitchen,bedroom,bathroom,pooja room etc”

bathroom: बाथरूम  or शौचघर or शौजालय or स्नानघर

kitchen: रसोईघर

bedroom: सोने का कमरा

living room: बैठक

dinning room: खाने का कमरा

pooja room: पूजाघर


Fawzi wrote:

Because I have been trying to learn Hindi on&off for so long I noticed that “Master 4 words” has been easy for me so far, because I already knew at least one of every four words I tried. great isn’t it? On the other hand, I got lot of words that I thought I knew corrected either by pronunciation or exact meaning, and in general, “Master 4 words” has been great daily experience for me, and maybe you have already noticed that I love it.


I would encourage you to Master Hindi Words by using our Master 4 Words a day tool: http://www.ispeakhindi.com/wp-content/plugins//vocabularymaster/master4.php



No one has posted an answer to the challenge from the last show: 

[20111003] Learn Hindi Daily Show – How is your health?

The challenge is to go to {Suresh190} Names of relatives choose a relationship type.  For example: भतीजा means “brother’s son”.  In English we would call this “nephew”.  And then create a sentence like:

भतीजा भाई का बेटा है। “bhateeja is brother’s son.”  Suresh has actually listed both of these parts.  So it is really a matter of taking the parts, putting them in the correct order, and adding है on the end.

Then the challenge was to create a sentence telling this person’s name.  Then create the sentence like this:

भतीजे का नाम नकुल है।  “bhateeja’s name is nakul”.

Give it a try by following these steps:

Step 1:  Take a look at the comments to [20111003] Learn Hindi Daily Show – How is your health?

Step 2: Go to {Suresh190} Names of relatives  and choose a relative that no one else has mentioned yet.

Step 3:  Create a sentence like: भतीजे भाई का बेटा है। “bhateeja is brother’s son.”

Step 4:  Choose a name for a relative by referring to:

{Suresh 56 Boy’s names in India – January 23, 2011

{Suresh 181} Boy’s names in India – August 14, 2011

And female names from these episodes:

{Suresh 57} Girl’s names in IndiaJanuary 26, 2011

[Suresh 182] Girl’s names in India – August 16, 2011

Step 5:  Create a sentence like: भतीजा का नाम नकुल है।  “bhateeja’s name is nakul”.

Step 6:  Go to [20111003] Learn Hindi Daily Show – How is your health? and add a comment with both sentences.

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