{Suresh 215}: Poem : Moon uncle is far (away)

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{Suresh 215}: Poem  : Moon uncle is  far (away)

चंदा  मामा  दूर  के ( Chanda maamaa door kay ):

चंदा  मामा  दूर  के , पूए  पकाए  गुड   के ,

आप  खाएं  थाली  में , मुन्ने  को  दें  प्याली  में ,

प्याली  गयी  टूट , मुन्ना  गया  रूठ |

मुन्ने  को  मनाएंगे , दूध  मलाई  खायेंगे |


Chanda maamaa door kay, pooay pakaaye gud  kay,

Aaap khaayein thalee mein, Munney ko dein pyalee mein,

Pyalee gayee toot, munna gaya rooth

Munney ko manaayengey, doodh malayee khaayengey .


Moon  uncle (maternal) is  far (away),  let us make the sweet pancake of jaggery,

You eat in plate,  give to the little child (male) in a cup,

The cup broke,  the little child (male) got upset/angry

The little child (male) will be consoled , will eat milk and the cream.

चंदा (Chanda)  moon

मामा   ( Maamaa)  maternal uncle

दूर  (door)   far (away)

पूए  (pooay) sweet pancake

पकाए  (paayein)  cook

गुड  (Gud) jaggery

खाएं  (khaayein)   eat

थाली (thaaee) plate

मुन्ने (munney) little male child

प्याली (pyalee)   cup

टूट   (toot) break

रूठ  (rooth) angry/upset

मनाएंगे (manaayengey) will console

दूध  (doodh)   milk

मलाई (malayee) cream

खायेंगे  (Khaayengey) will eat


1) Why child  gets angry /upset? Please respond in Hindi.

2)  How the little child is consoled? Please answer in Hindi.

3) In above poem, how many sentences are in future tense and how do you define?

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