{Suresh 266) : Interrogative sentences

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{Suresh 266) : interrogative sentences प्रश्नवाचक वाक्य ( prashnwaachak vaaky)

Introduction:   This lesson is being submitted  in continuation to my lesson no.27 and 155 in this site.


Interrogative sentences?
prashnwaachak vaaky?
तुम वहां क्यों ( why) बैठी हो ?
(Tum vahan kyon baithee ho ?
Why are you sitting there ? (feminine is being asked)

आपने  यह  बक्सा ( box ) कहाँ ( where) से खरीदा ?

(Aaapnay yah baksaa kahan se khareeda ?)

Where from did you buy this box?


तुमने माताजी ( mother) को क्या  ( what ) लिखा ?
(Tumney maataajee ko kya likha?)
What did you write to  mother?
तुम इन ( these )  दिनों  ( day ) क्या कर रहे हो ?
(Tum in dinon kya kar rahey ho?
What are you doing these days?
वह चेन्नई में क्या कर रही थी ?
(Vah Chennai mein kya kar rahee thee.?
What was she doing in Chennai ?
तुम दसवी ( tenth )  कक्षा ( class ) उतीर्ण (pass )  होने के बाद क्या करना चाहती हो ? -female is being asked.
(Tum dasveein kaksha ooteern honey ke baad kya karna chaahtee ho?)
What do you want to do after passing the tenth class?

यह गीत किसने ( who ) सुना ?
(Yah geet kisney suna?)
Who heard (listened to ) this song?
अब तुम कैसे ( how ) महसूस (feeling )  कर रहे हो ?
(Ab tum kaise mahsoos  kar rahey ho?)
How are you feeling now?
आपको कौन -2 से फूल  ( flower ) पसंद हैं?
(Aapko kaun se phool pasand haim)?
Which flowers do you like?
आपकी राशि  ( zodiac/star sign ) कौन सी है ?
(Aap ki raashi kaun si hai)?
Which is your star sign ?
तुम अपना पाठ कब दोहराते ( revise/repeat)  हो ?
(Tum apnaa paath kab dohraatey ho ?)
When do you revise your lessons ?

दुनिया की सबसे ( most ) कीमती ( costliest )  मोती ( pearl ) कौनसी है?
(Duniya ki sabse keematee motee kaunsee hai)?
Which is the most cosliest pearl in the world?
नेहरूजी  का जन्म -स्थल ( birth place)  कौनसा है?
(Nehrujee  ka janm-sthal kaun saa thai ?)
 Which is the birth place of  Nehrujee?
आपको कौनसा कमरा  ( room ) मिला?
(aapko kaunsa kamra mila)?
Which room did you get ?
 आपका घर कौनसा है?
(Aapka ghar kaunsa hai.?)
 Which is your house?
आपकी किताब ( book )  कौनसी है?
(Aapki kitaab  kaunsi hai?)
Which is your book?
1. Fill in the blanks, please .दुनिया की  ____) कीमती   मोती कौनसी है? .
Also please explain the meaning parasitically analyzing the sentence,
2.Antonym for उतीर्ण  word in Hindi, please write together with the meaning.
3. How will you ask this question in masculine gender?तुम वहां क्यों  बैठी हो ?
Also, then explain the meaning please.
4. Synonym for बक्सा  in Hindi ?
5.  Three synonym words for फूल  ?
6.  Does राशि has any other meaning than what is explained in one of the above sentences.
Kindly write a sentence with   राशि   which should be explanatory(.i.e another meaning I am referring to .).
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