{Suresh 279 } Poem: Parrot

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{Suresh 279 }  Poem: Parrot
Introduction:  A small poem written by me, is presented below . ” This poem is dedicated to my late grand mother-who happened to visit me in Patna ( capital of  Bihar) during 1983 and stayed  for six months. She taught me a great lesson, not to keep birds or any living  creatures  in a cage.”
तोता (tota )
Parrot : Colorful Parrot - Blue Yellow Macaw
एक था तोता |
(Ek tha tota)
There was a parrot
जो कभी (never ) न सोता, (sleep)
(Jo kabhee na sota )
which would never sleep
हमें जगाता,
(Hamein jagaata )
wakes us up
हमेशा बोलता,
(Hamesha bolata )
Always speaks
(Kahata )
(Duharaata )
खिलखिलाकर हँसता,
(Khilkhilaakar hansta )
Laughs happily
(pukaarata )
गीता गीता,
Geetaa geetaa )
हम सबके मन (heart ) को भाता ,(like)
(ham sab key man ko bhaataa )
We all like in heart
हमारा दिल (heart ) बहलाता,
(Hamaaraa dil bahlaataa )
Pleases our heart ( us)
हमारे पकड़ (catch ) में न आता,
(Hamaarey pakad mein na aata )
We were not able to catch (in hand )
पिंजरे (cage ) के ऊपर ( top) बैठ (sit) जाता,
(Pinjrey ke oopar baith jaataa )
Used to sit on top of the cage.
उड़ (flies) जाता,
(Ud jaataa )
used to fly away
हमेशा हमें याद आता |
(Hamesha hamein yaad aata.
We always remembered i.e.( missed )
1. Indicate the tense? एक था तोता in Hindi ?
2. Synonym for जगाता in Hindi ?
3. What does this mean उन्मुक्त ढंग से हंसना and explain.Is there any sentence in the above lesson similar to this.?
4. गुफा and पिंजरा , indicate the difference please?
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