{Suresh 284 } Game with last letter: Antaraaksharee

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{Suresh 284 } Game with last letter: Antaraaksharee
अंतराक्षरी (antraaksharee )
समय बिताने (spend ) के लिए करना है कुछ काम |
(Samay bitaaney ke liye karna hai kuchh kaam.)
Inorder to spend time, need to do some work.
शुरू (start/commence) करो अंतराक्षरी लेकर हरि ( God’s name ) का नाम |
(Shuru karo Antaraaksharee lekar Hari kaa naan.)
Start Antaaraaskharee(a game) taking the name of Hari(lord).
Here, the two line sentence ends with नाम. it means one member
from team A has to
tell a sentence starting with म, the last letter of नाम word
( or मु, मू, ,मा मी, मौ , मो ,), .
Once he or she finishes the sentences from team A ,then a
member from team B will have to continue
with the last letter of the sentence told by team A.
The team fails to answer a correct answer with last letter of
previous team, he/she is defeated. One can continue
like this for sentence,word, film movie name etc. For details ,
please listen to this video song
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ko0HW4VLvk or
Now, some examples from Suresh:
Team: A: मुझ ( mujh) = Me
मुझ पर रहम ( mercy ) करो | – Here the sentence ended with करो,
it means last letter is रो. Thus Team B needs to say a word,
thus sentence with र, रो ,री, रा etc.
( Mujhpar raham karo.)
Have mercy on me.
Team B; To start a word with रोना (Rona) cry
रोना ( crying ) बंद करो |
( Rona band karo. )
Stop crying.
Again incidentally, Team A needs to say a word/sentence with र, रो ,री, रा
The word is रेलगाड़ी ( train ):
रेलगाड़ी ( train ) खचाखच भरी हुई है |
(Railgaadee khachakhach bharee huyee hai.)
The train is jam-packed.
Team B: To start a word/sentence with है( hai.)
where Team A ended the sentence last.
हम ( ham ) We;
हम सब जवान (young) थे |
(Ham sab jawaan they. )
We were all young.
Team :A थक ( thak ) = tired
थक जाने के बाद आराम (rest/break ) चाहिए |
(Thak jaaney ke baad aaraam chahiye.)
Rest/break is required after getting tired
Team :B :एक ( Ek) = one
एक डाल ( branch ) पर कई तोते (parrots ) बैठे हैं |
(Ek daal par kayee totey baithey hain. )
Many parrots are sitting on a branch
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