{Suresh 291} Sentences

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{Suresh 291} Sentences
वाक्य ( Vaaky0
मैं आज ( today ) तुम्हारे घर गयी | feminine
(Main aaj tumhaarey ghar gayee.
I went to your house today.
मैं आज ( today ) तुम्हारे घर ( house ) गया था | -masculine
(Main aaj tumhaarey ghar gaya tha .)
I had gone to your house today.
होली कल मनाई (celebrated) जाएगी|
(Holee kal manaayee jaayegee.)
Holee will be celebrated tomorrow.
वह नीचे ( down ) गयी है |
(Vah neechey gyee hai.)
She has gone down.
इसे भलीभाँति ( well) समझो ( understand)|
(Isey bhaleebhaanti samajho.)
Understand this well.
तुम ( you ) अपने आप चले जाओ |
(Tum apney aap chaley jaao.)
You go yourself.
उतना खाओ जितना पचा ( digest ) सको |
(Utana khaao jitana pacha sako.)
Eat as much as you can digest.
में बिल्कुल ( totally) थक ( tired ) चुकी हूँ| – female says
(Main bilkul thak chukee huun.)
I am absolutely fed up/ totally tired.
हमारी ( our ) कहानी ध्यानपूर्वक ( attentively/carefully) सुनो ( listen to ) |
(Hamaaree kahaanee dhyaanpurvak suno.)
Listen to our story carefully.
वहां कौन सो रही थी?
(Vahan kau so rahee thee?)
Who was sleeping there?- feminine
उसे भी थोडा अध्ययन ( study ) करने दो|
(Usey thhoda adhyyan karney do.)
let him also study a little.
1. Indicate a difference between the first and the second sentence.
2. Make a sentence with मनाना having different meaning than the third sentence above.
3. Indicate the meaning of the sentence and gender of this sentence:वहां कौन सो रही थी?
4. Difference between the last sentence and उसे भी थोडा अध्ययन ( study ) करने दीजिये |
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