{Suresh 293} Proverbs

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{Suresh 293} Proverbs
कहावतें (Kahavatein)-Proverbs
Introduction: Some of the useful Proverbs in Hindi is being shared for the benefit
of Hindi learners, together with English transliteration and translation in English.
This will help improve vocabulary, pronunciation etc.
I have tried to explain them to best of my ability,wherever required.
A कहावतें (proverbs) (from the Latin proverbium), is a simple and concrete  saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity. They are often  metaphorical. Almost every language has own proverbs. The study of proverbs is called: paremiology from Greek which dates back to Aristotle’s time. Paremiography, on the other hand, is the collection of proverbs.  I believe that a prominent proverb scholar in the United States is Wolfgang Mieder who has written or edited over 50 books on the subject.
Also,please refer to:  17 and 144 no. lessons in this site.
मान  ( respect ) ना ( no ) मान मैं तेरा मेहमान |( guest)
(Maan na maan main tera mehman)
Getting involved without  being invited
आम के आम गुठलियों  (kernels)  के दाम( price) |
(Aam ke aam guthaliyon ke daam)
Double benefit – obtaining /receiving  the price of  kernels (seeds)
 of the mangoes too, besides the mangoes.
उल्टा चोर ( thief )  कोतवाल  Police ) को डांटे
 ( to rebuke/chide) |
(Ulta chor kotwaal ko dantey.
The culprit i.e. guilty ( person ) rather scolds  the innocent.
अंधा क्या चाहे दो आँखें|(Andhaa kya chaahey do aankhein) –
A blind person ,
what does he/she want, two eyes? A wish becoming true.
 धोबी ( washerman) का कुत्ता न घर का न घाट का |
(Dhobee kaa kutta na ghar kaa naa ghaat kaa.)
ghaat (a  concrete place where clothes washed ,with water facility)
A person, who tries to be on both  sides , ends up  nowhere.
जितने मुँह उतनी बातें|(Jitnee munh utnee baatein)
More mouths will have more talks –
To further explain,   It is also called  that where six economists
assemble, seven types of opinion will come up.
जहाँ छ तरह के अर्थशास्त्री ( economics) होंगे , वहां सात प्रकार
 के विचार ( opinion) उत्पन्न ( produce) होंगे |
(Jahaan chh tarah ke arthshaastree hongey, vahan saat prakaar ke vichaar utpann hongey.)
आँख का अंधा ( blind) नाम नयनसुख  ( soothing eyes)|(Aankh ka aandha naam nayansukh)
Just reverse (Opposite ) qualities of  person’s name’s meaning.
खिसयानी ( angery)  बिल्ली ( cat) खम्बा ( poll) नोचे  ( scrape)|
(Khisyanee billee khamba nochey)To show anger after getting embarrassed.
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