{Suresh 320) – Usage of particle

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{Suresh 320) – usage of particle   -ही (hee) , तोto),  यों ( Yo) etc.

Particles are uninflected words that don’t exactly belong to another
class of words (such as adverbs, etc.) but serve a function within the sentence.

यह साड़ी ( saree ) बहुत ही  ( extremely ) खूबसूरत ( beautiful )  है |

(Yah sadee bahut hee khoobsoort hai.)

This saree is extremely beautiful.

मैं आप ही ( only )  का खाना ( food ) खा रहा  था |

(Main aap hee kaa khaana khaa raha tha.)

I was only eating your food.

वह ( that ) तो होना ( obvious )  ही है|

( Vah to honaa hee hai.)

That is obvious.

प्यार (love ) <>तो  होना ही ( signifying certainly )था | –  
   in other words,  was bound to

( Pyaar to honaa hee thaa. )

Love had to happen.
ये तो बता  ( tell) दो |

(Ye to bata do.)

At least tell me these.
वह कल कार्यालय  (office) में  तो  ( actually)   था | |

(Vah kal kaaryaalay mein to tha.)

He was  actually in the office yesterday   ( It means today his is not there,
was supposed to be,but somewhere else.)

यह घड़ी (watch)  तो आज काम कर रही है |

(Yah ghadee to aaj kaam kar rahee hai.)

So this watch is working today.  (It (  तो ) implies, it was not working yesterday.)

खाना अच्छा तो है, पर यह बहुत महंगा  ( expensive ) है |  
  –  stressing on food being extremely expensive.

(Khaanaa achha to hai, par yah bahut mahangaa hai.)

The food is good but it is very expensive.
तो ( So ) आपने  आज  क्या किया ?

(To aapney aaj kya kiya?)

So what did you do today?

उसने मुझे यों  ( in such a manner) देखा कि मुझे उससे डर लगा |

(Usney mujhey yon dekha ki mujhey usasey dar laga.)

He looked at me in such a way( manner)  that I became scared  or afraid of him.

1. Please change the first sentence into past tense.

2. Synonym for महंगा    &    कार्यालय  in Hindi.

3.  Indicate the tense of last sentence.

4. Identify a sentence  from the above lesson which is in present continuous.

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