{Suresh 326 ) poem: Last wish

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{Suresh 326 ) poem: Last wish  अंतिम अभिलाषा ( Antim abhilaashaa )

Introduction: I  am not a poet, at the time of last Deepawalee,   a wish kept on knocking at my heart which I have penned here.Hope it helps to learn a couple of Hindi words.
अंतिम अभिलाषा
(Antim abhilaashaa)
Last wish
दीपावली आयी दीपावली,जो है लाई ( brought ) खुशियों की झड़ी (showers)
(Deepawalee aayee Deepaawalee, jo hai laayee khushiyon kee jhadee)
Deepawalee came, Deepaawalee, which has brought showers of happiness.
आयें, मौज मनाये,गाये, झूमें, नाचें, मस्ती करें ,

(Aaayein, mauj manaayein, gaayein, jhoomein, naachein, mastee karein,)
Please come ,celebrate /have fun please ,  please sing, please sway/swing,please dance and roll (please make  merry )
छोडें पटाखें, फ़ूलझड़ी,जलाएं अनगिनत दीये  व दीपक
(Chhodein pataakhein, phooljhadee jalaaein anginat deeye va deepak,)
Lit the  countless lamps  and burn  /fire crackers,
मन   उल्लसित होये ,देख चमक,करता है विचरण
man ullasit hoye  ,dekh chamak , karta hai vicharan
Seeing the light , heart  becomes  jubilant,   moves/wander
चाह ( desire ) है गगन  ( sky ) में उडान (flight) की हर क्षण ( moment )
( Chaah hai gagan mein oodaan kee har kshan)
Desirous of flight every moment in the sky.
दिल में है एक आस,आशा है पूर्ण होगी  यह प्यास
Dil mein hai ek aas, aashaa hai purn hogee yah pyaas )
There is a desire in the heart, hope this thirst will be fulfilled/quenched.
देवनागरी, हिंदी हो पूरे विश्व की भाषा,जो  है मेरी अंतिम ( last)  अभिलाषा
(Devanaagaree, Hindi ho pooray vishwa kee bhaashaa , jo hai meree antim abhilaashaa)
Devanagaree, Hindi should be  the entire world’s language which is my last wish.
अंतिम ( antim) last
अभिलाषा ( abhilaashaa) wish
झड़ी (jhadee) showers
झूमें ( jhoomein) swing/sway
पटाखें,( pataakhein) crackers
अनगिनत (anginat) countless
उल्लसित (ullasit) jubilant
विचरण ( vicharan) wanders
गगन   (gagan) sky
उडान (udaan) flight
आस (aas ) desire
1. Synonym for  गगन   in Hindi with meaning in English ?
2.Synonym for आस  in Hindi with meaning in English ?
3. Indicate the tense of लाई  word in Hindi and English as well.
4. Synonym for क्षण  in Hindi with meaning in English ?
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