{Suresh 336) Proverbs

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{Suresh 336)  कहावतें ( Kahavatein)
Introduction: Some of the useful Proverbs in Hindi is being shared for the benefit
of Hindi learners, together with English transliteration and translation in English.
This will help improve vocabulary, pronunciation etc.
I have tried to explain them to best of my ability,wherever required.
A कहावतें (proverbs) (from the Latin proverbium), is a simple and concrete  saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity. They are often  metaphorical. Almost every language has own proverbs. The study of proverbs is called: paremiology from Greek which dates back to Aristotle’s time. Paremiography, on the other hand, is the collection of proverbs.  I believe that a prominent proverb scholar in the United States is Wolfgang Mieder who has written or edited over 50 books on the subject.

बुड्ढी घोड़ी, लाल लगाम |  ( Buddadhee ghodee laal lagaam.)  Old mare, red halter/bridle.  This means:
वय के हिसाब से ही काम करना चाहिए| ( vay ke hisaab se hee kaam karna chahiye. ) One should work as per age only.
बिल्ली गई ,चूहों की बन आयी | ( Billee gayee chuhon kee ban aayee. ) As soon as ,the cat went, mice became the boss.
डर खत्म होते ही मौज मनाना|( Dar khatm hotey hee mauj mananaa.) – To start celebration , as soon as the fear is gone.बीमार की रात ,पहाड़ बराबर ( Beemaar kee raat, pahaad baraabar) – Night of the sick is like mountain. It means:
खराब समय मुश्किल से कटता है|( Kharaab samay mushkil sey katataa hai. ) The bad time passes with difficulty.
बिना रोए तो माँ भी दूध नहीं पिलाती | (Bina roye to maa bhee doodh nahin pilaatee)- Even mother does not feed/give milk without crying.
बिना यत्न किए कुछ भी नहीं मिलता| (Bina yatn kiye kuchh bhee nahin miltaa ) Nothing gets done ( you receive) without making efforts.
बिल्ली और दूध की रखवाली?  ( Billee aur doodh kee rakhwaalee ?) Cat and guarding milk?
भक्षक रक्षक नहीं हो सकता|( Bhakshak rakshak nahin ho saktaa. ) (devourer i.e. eater can not be  the guard.)
जो सभी का मित्र होता है वह किसी का मित्र नहीं होता| ( jo sabhee kaa mitr hota hai vah kisee kaa mitr nahin hotaa. ) 
A friend to all is a friend to none.   This meaning is self explanatory.
बुढ़ापे में मिट्टी खराब | ( Budhaapey mein mittee kharaab) –  Soil becomes poor in old age.
बुढ़ापे में इज्जत में बट्टा लगना|( Budhaapey mein izzat mein batta lagnaa. )
 -Loss of respect/reputation/prestige  in the old age.
भले आदमी को किसी पर दोष मढ़ने की आवश्यकता नहीं होती|(Bhaley aadmee ko kisee par dosh madhney kee aavashykataa nahin hotee.)There is no need for a gentleman to frame charges/find fault on others.
एक अच्छी शुरुवात आधी सफलता होती है|( Ek achhee shuruwaat aadhee safaltaa hotee hai. A good beginning  is a half success.
वय (vay) age
रक्षक (rakshak) guard
बट्टा  ( batta) mark down
भले आदमी ( Bhale aadmee) gentleman
शुरुवात ( Shruwaat ) beginning

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