{Suresh 357} Proverbs

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{Suresh 357} Proverbs

कहावतें  (kahavatein )
Introduction: Some of the useful Proverbs in Hindi is being shared for the benefit
of Hindi learners, together with English transliteration and translation in English.
This will help improve vocabulary, pronunciation etc.
I have tried to explain them to best of my ability,wherever required.
A कहावतें (proverbs) (from the Latin proverbium), is a simple and concrete  saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity. They are often  metaphorical. Almost every language has own proverbs. The study of proverbs is called: paremiology from Greek which dates back to Aristotle’s time. Paremiography, on the other hand, is the collection of proverbs.  I believe that a prominent proverb scholar in the United States is Wolfgang Mieder who has written or edited over 50 books on the subject.

एक बड़ा पेड़ सदा  ( always) लकड़हारे की कुल्हाड़ी  ( axe) को आकर्षित करता है|
 ( Ek badaa ped sadaa lakadhaarey kee kulhaadee ko aakarshit kartaa hai. )
A  big tree always attracts the  woodcutter’s( woodsman’s ) axe.  It means:
सम्पन्नतायुक्त  ( riches) गुलामी से विपन्नतायुक्त  ( in poverty ) स्वतंत्रता बेहतर  (better) है|
( Sampannataayukt gulaamee se vipannataayukt swatandtrataa behtar hai.)
Poverty in independence is better than slavery in riches .
दूल्हा( bridegroom) को पत्त़ल (leaves) नहीं, बजनिये (drummer) को थाल |
(Dulhaa ko pattal nahin, bajniye ko thaal.)
No leaves/plate to the bridegroom, plates to the drummer.
बेतरतीब ( disorderly ) काम करना। ( betarteeb kaam karna.) Random /disorderly act.
दुविधा में दोनों गए माया ( money) मिली न राम | ( duvidhaa mein donon baye maayaa milee na Ram.)
Lost both money and God in dilemma.
दुविधा ( dilemma/confusion) में पड़ने से कुछ भी नहीं मिलता|
( Duvidhaa mein padney se kuchh bhee nahin milta.)
We doo not get anything after getting into confusion.
दूसरे की पत्तल (leaves) लंबा-लंबा भात (rice) |
( Doosrey kee pattallambaa-lambaa bhaat.)
Other’s plate/leaves ,long-long rice.
दूसरे की वस्तु् ( goods) अच्छी लगती है|
( Doosrey kee vastu achhee lagtee hai. )
Other’s possession/goods are liked.
 दूध पिलाकर साँप (snake) पोसना ( rear up) |
( Doodh pilaakar saanp posnaa.)
To give milk to drink to the pet snake.
शत्रु का उपकार (doing good) करना|(Shatru ka upkaar karna. )
To give benefit to the enemy /do the welfare of the enemy.
दूध का दूध पानी का पानी | (Doodh ka doodh paanee kaa paanee. )< To segregate milk and water from each other. न्याय ( justice ) होना| (nyay honaa. ) . Award proper justice. S.Suresh Kumar An online Hindi tutor and translator sskay56@gmail.com 91 0 9840643690

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