Learn Hindi Daily Show–अ (a), अच्छा (ach-chhaa), Good Tea?

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IMG_6820Introduction To the Learn Hindi Daily Show

Today we are starting back with the learn Hindi daily show.  A challenge for our daily program is that we have learners at all different levels.  Some are just learning Hindi, others have been studying Hindi for years, and some just want a refresher.  The format of this program is meant to have a little something for everyone.  If you are just starting your Hindi studies, then just learn a letter or a word.  Do not feel you need to learn everything.  If you have been studying for a while, maybe the grammar exercises and some additional vocabulary is what you are looking for.  And if there is something in particular you have questions about or you want us to cover, then post a comment on the site, and we will try to do so.

Letter of the Day

अ (a)

अब  (ab)– now

अभी  (a-bhii)– right now

अमर (a-mar) – immortal

अगर (a-gar) – if

अच्छा (ach-chhaa) – good

See our online Hindi Dictionary for more words that have अ

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Word of the Day

अच्छा – good

Here is an example of how to use the word अच्छा – good

यह खाना अच्छा है। – This food is good.

This word has several different forms depending on what you are calling “good”.

अच्छा – good (masculine singular)

अच्छी – good (feminine singular & plural)

अच्छे – good (masculine plural)


अच्छा लड़का – good boy

अच्छी लड़की – good girl

अच्छे लड़के – good boys

अच्छी लड़कियाँ – good girls


The opposite of good is bad.  Which in Hindi, bad is खराब

Phrase of the Day

क्या चाय अच्छी है? – Is the tea good?

The simple way to make tea at home. घर पर चाय बनाने का सरल तरीका। – May 1, 2010 –Nathan, Naraindas, Meena

आज का मौसम अच्छा है।  – Today’s weather is good.

आज का मौसम सुहावना है। – Today’s weather is pleasant

Phrase focus: How is the weather? – April 28, 2010 –Nathan, Naraindas, Meena

Grammar Exercise

आ ending adjectives:

अच्छा – good

लंबा – tall  (I am taller than you. – February 9. 2010 – Nathan, Naraindas, Meena)

Masculine singular nouns:

बेटा – son

अच्छा बेटा – good son

लंबा  बेटा – tall son

लड़का – boy

अच्छा लड़का – good boy

लंबा लड़का – tall boy

Feminine singular nouns

बेटी – daughter

अच्छी बेटी – good daughter

लंबी बेटी – tall daughter

लड़की – girl

अच्छी लड़की  – good girl

लंबी लड़की – tall girl

Masculine plural nouns

बेटे – sons

अच्छे बेटे – good sons

लंबे बेटे – tall sons

लड़के – boys

अच्छे लड़के – good boys

लंबे लड़के – tall boys

Feminine plural nouns

बेटियाँ – daughters

अच्छी बेटियाँ – good daughters

लंबी बेटियाँ – tall daughters

लड़कियाँ – girls

अच्छी लड़कियाँ – good girls

लंबी लड़कियाँ – tall girls


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Special Thanks!!

The Master 4 Hindi Words a day tool has been a great success.  Just take a look at the words mastered by the 100 top learners.   Or take a look at the top 10 learners page.    However, there have been reports that some of the 6,000 words that are in the system are too faint to hear or that there are other issues with background noises and words being chopped off.    Going through these words was going to be a very big effort.  I put a call out there to get some help, and between the contributions of several people, we were able to get all the words checked.  I especially want to point out the contribution of Steve Taylor.  He had created a program to download all the audio recordings, analyze them, and produce a report about which ones were too faint.  He was able to do this with in minutes of putting out the request.  Through the work of this gifted and generous individual, we were able to cut down the work by half.  The remaining words were reviewed by listeners like Lemons and teachers like Suresh.  And many others that were able to check a few handful of words.  (You know who you are.  Thank you!) And now we have identified which words need to be addressed.  If you use the new Master 4 Words a Day tool, then you will only have words that passed the review.

That’s all for today.  I hope you like the format of this show.  We hope to do more like this on a regular basis.

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