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Welcome back to the Learn Hindi Daily Show.  I hope you had a chance to listen to Suresh’s lesson yesterday on water.  I found it to be very interesting.  {Suresh 365} Water

Today, we continue from the last show, Learn Hindi Daily Show–आ, आप, How are you?  In this lesson we go over the next vowel, इ.  We learn the several words that have this vowel.  And we review the answers from the grammar drill from the last lesson.

Focus Letter

इ – i

इधर – here

इमली – tamarind

इमारत – building

इतना – little, that much

इनाम – prize

इच्छा – wish/desire

Look in our Hindi English dictionary for other words that contain इ

I should point out how close इ looks to ड.  They are almost identical in the way they look, except the focus letter for today has a loop on the bottom.  We published a lesson on December 10, 2009 by Kavitha on this called Pitfalls in Learning Hindi: Similar looking letters: इ and ड .

आपकी इच्छा क्या है? What is your wish?

लिखना – to write

मिलना – to meet

विचार – thought/belief

दिन – day

पति – husband

इटली – Italy

इटली एक देश का नाम है। – Italy is the name of a country.

इटली एक अच्छा देश है। – Italy is a good country.


Grammar Review

In the last Learn Hindi Daily Show–आ, आप, How are you? You were challenged to combine the adjectives अच्छा, लंबा, मेरा, and आपका with the nouns कमरा, घर, बेटी, and मेज़.  Here are the answers.  See which ones you got right:

अच्छा  कमरा – good room

लंबा  कमरा – tall room

मेरा  कमरा – my room

आपका  कमरा – your room


अच्छा घर – good house

लंबा घर – tall house

मेरा घर – my house

आपका घर – your house


अच्छी बेटी – good daughter

लंबी बेटी – tall daughter

मेरी बेटी – my daughter

आपकी बेटी – your daughter


अच्छी मेज़ – good table

लंबी मेज़ – tall table

मेरी मेज़ – my table

आपकी मेज़ – your table

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As I was researching the previous lessons to prepare for this lesson, I found the phrase “उसने इधर-उधर देखा” Which means “He looked here and there.” It was in the story of the lion and the mouse read by Sonia-jii, Meena-jii, and Naraindas-jii.  It is available in our paid subscriber area, and you can listen to it line by line.  If you are a paid subscriber, then I would encourage you to check it out.  It might be a little advance if you are just learning Hindi, but it can give you the idea of something that you be able to understand after studying for a while.


I was reading a book on computer programming by Bruce A. Tate called Seven Languages in Seven Weeks.  The first paragraph in Chapter 1 of his book captures a set of thoughts that I would like to share with you:

People learn spoken languages for different reasons.  You learned your first language to live.  It gave you the tools to get through your everyday life.  If you learned a second language, the reasons could be very different.  Sometimes, you might have to learn a second language to further your career or adapt to a changing environment.  But sometimes you decide to conquer a new language not because you have to but because you want to learn.  A second language can help you encounter new worlds.  You may even seek enlightenment, knowing every new language can shape the way you think.

Share with us why you are learning Hindi.  How are you doing with conquering this language?  Are new worlds opening up to you?  Let us know.  And remember to study a little bit of Hindi each and every day.  That is the only way.  You will have days where things click and make sense.  And you will have days that you feel like you have forgotten a lot of things.  This is all part of the learning process.  See you soon..

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