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Letter of the day

ए – e

एक – one

एड़ी – heel

एकता – unity

एकांत – solitude

एकदम – completely

Other words in our Hindi English dictionary that use ए

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एकता में बल है। – In unity is strength.

केला – banana

मेला – fair

देख – see

रेल – train

खेल – game/sport

केला एक फल है। Banana is a fruit.

Grammar lesson

If you have a masculine noun that ends in आ then you can make it plural by replacing this with ए.  Here are some examples:

केला – banana 
केले – bananas

मेला – fair
मेले – fairs

कमरा – room
कमरे – rooms

बेटा – son
बेटे – sons

Other words that might be good to know

एक – one
अनेक – several

रेखा – line (also a girl’s name)
रेखाएँ – lines

एड़ी – heel
एड़ियाँ – heels

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Also, remember how the adjectives that end in आ change in a similar way?

बड़ा – big

बड़ा केला – big banana

बड़े केले – big bananas

महंगा – expensive

महंगा केला – expensive banana

महंगे केले -  expensive bananas

Let me give you a few more adjectives that end in आ.

सस्ता – cheap

काला – black

मेरा – my/mine

आपका – your/yours

उसका – his/hers

अपना – his own, my own, her own, their own

And here are some more masculine nouns that in in आ

खिलौना – toy

कुत्ता – dog

पंखा – fan

घंटा – hour

Now take an adjective and a noun from the list above.  Give the singular and plural form of it and leave it as a comment on the website.

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