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Letter of the day

ऐनक – eyeglasses

ऐसा – like

ऐश्वर्य – pleasures

ऐरावत –Airavat   –  name of an elephant in a well known story

ऐलान करना – to announce, declare

See our Hindi English dictionary for other words that contain ऐ

Main word of the day

ऐनक – eyeglasses

मेरी ऐनक दीजिए। – give me my glasses


Related words:

कैसा – how?, what kind of?

जैसा  …  वैसा  – as .. so


जैसा बाप वैसा बेटा। – Like father, like son.  (Snell p. 183)

जैसा करोगे वैसा भरोगे  – Hindi equivalent to “You reap what you sow”

वैसे अगर आप थके हुए हैं तो नींद और आराम के लिए कुछ समय ले लो।  “Well, if you’re tired and sleepy, take some time to relax.” http://www.masteranylanguage.com/cgi/f/lView.pl?li=WP11497&pc=MALHindi&tc=Adjectives&vm=fc&la=

सैकड़ों – hundreds

है – is

कैलाश – name of a mountain in the Himalayas

शैया – comfort


पैसा is 1/100 of a rupee.

पैसे – is the plural of पैसा

Here is joke you might like which I found on the bbc.co.uk site (http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/other/hindi/guide/facts.shtml)

मीना: केला कितने में?
फलवालाः एक रूपए.
मीना: 60 पैसे में दोगे?
फलवालाः  इतने में तो बस छिलका मिलेगा.
मीना:  ये लो 40 पैसे, मुझे बस केला चाहिए.

Try to figure out the joke.  We will go over it on the next show.



Miscellaneous things:

ऐरावत ए बलवान हाथी था। – Airavat  was a strong elephant.



Singular vs. Plural examples:

एकवचन – singular
बहुवचन – plural


ऐसा – like
ऐसे – like






है – is
हैं – are

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