{Suresh 375) The butterfly and the bud: Poem

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{Suresh 375) The butterfly and the bud: Poem

तितली और कली  (Titalee aur kalee)

butterfly picture, butterfly pictures

हरी ( green ) डाल ( branch )  पर लगी हुई थी कली ( bud)  ,

(Haree daal par lagee hui thee kalee,)

The bud was there on the green branch.


नन्ही ( little) सुन्दर एक कली ,

(Nanhee sundar ek kalee,)

A beautiful little bud.


तितली उससे आकर बोली ( said) ,

(Titalee usasey aakar bolee,)

The butterfly came to her and said,


तुम लगती हो बड़ी भली ( noble) ,

(Tum lagtee ho badee bhlee.)

You seem to be very nice/good/noble.


अब जागो ( wake up), तुम आँखें ( eyes) खोलो ( open) ,

(Ab jaago tum aankhein kholo)

Now wake up , open your eyes.


और हमारे संग ( with) खेलो,

Aur hamaarey sang khelo,)

And play with us.


फैले सुन्दर ( lovely ) महक तुम्हारी ,

(Faiyley sundar mahak tumhaaree,

Your lovely fragrance/smell spreads,


महके सारी ( entire) गली ( lane) गली ( alley),

(mahakey saaree galee galee,)

All the lanes  smell good,


कली छिटककर  खिली ( blossomed)  रंगीली ( colourful) ,

(Kalee chhitak.kar khilee rangeelee,)

colourful bud blossomed  all of a sudden/in a spurt.


तुरंत (soon) खेल की सुनकर ( listening to ) बात ,

(turant khel kee sunkar baat.)

Soon after listening to ,about the game,


साथ  हवा  ( wind ) के  लगी  भागने  ,

(Saath hawaa ke lagee bhaaganey,)

Started  rushing (running )together with the breeze,


तितली छूने  ( touch ) उसे चली,

(Titalee chhoonay usey chalee,)

The butterfly left to touch her.



डाल (daal) branch

कली  (kalee) bud

नन्ही (nanhee ) little

भली (bhalee) noble

महक  (mahak) fragrance/smell

गली  (galee) lane/alley

खिली (khilee) blossomed

रंगीली  (rangeelee) colourful

छूने (chhoney) touch



1. Synonym for गली ?

2.  Synonym for महक ?
3.  Masculine for नन्ही ?

4. Frame this sentence properly by placing the verb at appropriate place in the sentence.हरी  डाल   पर लगी हुई थी कली |

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