{Suresh 387} Pay attention to the pronunciation and understand the meaning

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{Suresh 387}  Pay  attention to  the pronunciation and understand the meaning
उच्चारण पर ध्यान दें एवं अर्थ समझें | ( Ucchaaran par dhyaan dein evam arth samajhein.)
Introduction: Some nice Hindi words for you, hence please pay attention
to the pronunciation and understand the meaning,(Food for thought). Kindly note that it is
imperative that you play the MP3 to understand the usage of some of the words as
I have made an attempt to provide you a few sentences.
समझना ( samajhnaa ) to understand समझाना ( Samjhaanaa) to explain
पढ़ना ( padhnaa) to read पढ़ाना (Padhaanaa) to teach
करना (karnaa) to do करवाना (karwaanaa ) to get it done.
रोना ( ronaaa) to cry रुलाना (rulaanaa) to make cry
हंसना (hansnaa ) to laugh हँसाना (hansaanaa) to make other’s laugh
खाना ( khanaa ) to eat खिलाना (khilaanaa) to feed
नाचना (naachnaa ) to dance नचाना (nachaanaa) to make other’s dance
तडपना ( tadapnaa) to die तडपाना (tadpaanaa) to harass/to make trouble for others
लूटना ( lootnaa ) to rob लूटाना (lootaanaa) to waste/give everything free ( lose)
बनाना ( banaanaa) to make बनवाना ( banwaanaa ) to get it manufactured/created
उठना ( oothnaa) to get up/wake up उठाना ( oothaanaa) to lift
कटना( katnaa) to get cut काटना ( kaatnaa ) to cut/chop off
मरना ( marnaa ) to die मारना ( maarnaa ) to kill/to beat
बहना ( bahnaa ) to flow बहाना ( bahaanaa ) to have it immersed/ to give excuse
चलना ( chalnaa ) to walk चलाना ( chalaanaa) to drive/to manage
घुसना ( ghusnaa ) to enter घुसाना ( ghusaanaa ) to force/penetrate into
मिलना ( milnaa ) to meet मिलाना (milaanaa ) to mix up
सोना ( sonaa) to sleep /gold सुलाना ( sulaanaa) to put to sleep
चढना ( chadhnaa ) to climb/scale/board चढ़ाना ( chadhaanaa ) to offer/to load
सुनना (sunanaa ) to listen सुनाना (sunaanaa ) to relate/ to tell
देना ( denaa) to give दिलवाना ( dilwaanaa ) to arrange giving/delivery
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