Games to Learn Hindi and Hindi Learning Meetup in Houston

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Hi!  Nathan here.  Glad to have this chance to write to all of you.  Learning Hindi has been a long time goal of mine, and creating this site has helped me to stick with that goal.  And what I have found is that learning Hindi makes a better journey than a goal.  I am glad to have had you along for that journey.  And I am especially grateful to Suresh for keeping the site going, and for putting all of his passion and energy for this great language into the site.  And I am grateful to all our supporters for making this site possible.

Eric Wroolie over at Overpass emailed me about a new app he has put together to help people expand their Hindi vocabulary.  The app allows for you to choose from several categories such as numbers, animals, colors, verbs, travel, etc.  Two bubbles with the Hindi letter migrate from the bottom to the top of the screen.  When you click on the Hindi word, you hear a recording of the word.  And there are two English words, one on either side of the screen.  You have to choose the correct English word for the Hindi word that you clicked on.  There is a free lite version available for the iPhone and Android phones:

Here is the link to the iTunes (iPhone) app:

Here is the link to the Android app in Google Play:



Another application that I found that is targeted to young audiences with iPads that are learning Hindi is Let’s Learn Hindi by Culture Curry.!/id564583896?ls=1&mt=8



Also, I got a call from Sandra here in Houston.  She says “I found your website!!”   She is a person of Indian decent interested in reconnecting with her Indian origins and had stumbled upon  We talked for about 45 minutes about the importance and challenge of learning Hindi.  And it reminded me how great it is to meet with local people who are interested in learning Hindi and about India.  We tried having some local events here in Houston before.  But they never really got started.  But I am inspired to try again!  If you are in Houston and you would like to have Hindi learning meetup, please let me know by joining this meetup group:

If you know of other Hindi meetup groups, let me know so I can tell the audience about it.

Keep learning Hindi.  The key is to practice a little each and everyday.

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