{Suresh 493 } Pay attention

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(Suresh 493} Pay attention

Purpose: For the benefit of Hindi learners only . Transliteration has been done by me.
= ध्यान दें | (Dhyaan dein.)
1.The usage of words should be specific to a situation.
वह मेरे शब्दों पर ध्यान नहीं देता|
(Vah merey shabdon par dhyaan nahin deta.) – incorrect
Literal meaning: He doesn’t pay attention to my words.
बात पर ध्यान देना |( baat par dhyaan dena.) is a acceptable and usage will be appropriate.
The usage of शब्दों पर ध्यान देना (Shabdon par dhyaan dena.) is never used. Hence, the sentence should be,
वह मेरी बात पर ध्यान नहीं देता | ( Vah meree baat par dhyaan nahin deta. )
It means He doesn’t pay attention /heed to my saying/thought/suggestion etc.
2.लड़का या लडकी आयेगा |( Ladkaa ya ladkee aayegaa.) :The boy or girl will come.
This is incorrect.
When “या” (or) is used the grammatical gender of the verb agree to the last noun.
In the above cited example, it is लडकी (ladkee) girl which is feminine so it should be आएगी (aayegee.) girl will come) instead आएगा (boy will come.)
लड़का या लडकी आयेगी|( Ladkaa ya ladkee aayegee.)
The boy or girl will come. This is correct.
Similarly, if a pronoun is used then it agrees to the following noun
as in the undermentioned sentence.
Incorrect: आज मेरी बेटा और बेटी मुंबई गए हैं | ( Aaaj meree betaa aur betee Mumbai gaye hain.)
बेटा (bea) son is masculine and hence, the pronoun must be
मेरा (Mera ) mine – masculine) instead मेरी (meree) mine – feminine.
In case of the interrogative sentences, we use masculine for verb declination.
Incorrect: देखो ,कौन आई ? (dekho kaun aayee ?) See, who came?
Here, “कौन” (who) is used masculine and hence, the use of feminine verb ending,
आई (aayee) came – feminine is wrong. It must be आया (aayaa) came – masculine.
Hence,Correct sentence is : देखो, कौन आया ( Dekho kaun aaya.) ?
Sometime, a sentence may be meaningful but unnecessary words might have been used,
which is reflected in the under-noted sentence:
Incorrect: मैं मंगलवार के दिन को वहाँ पहुंच जाऊंगी|
(Main mangalwaar ke din ko vahan pahunch jaaungee.)
I will reach there on the day of Tuesdayy.
मंगलवार के दिन (Mangalwaar kay din – day of Tuesday) is incorrect since “मंगलवार
” (Mangalwaar-Tuesday) alone is sufficient so के दिन should be avoided.
The correct sentence thus will be: मैं मंगलवार को वहाँ पहुंच जाऊंगी|
(Main mangalwaar ko vahan pahunch jaaungee.)
I will reach there on Tuesday.)
4.The under mentioned sentence does not clarify it is active or passive voice,
Incorrect: पुलिस ने चोर का पीछा किया गया|
Here,”ने” must be replaced with “के द्वारा” (through)
Correct: पुलिस के द्वारा चोर का पीछा किया गया|( Pulis key dwaara chor kaa peechha kiya gaya.)
The thief was chased by the police.
5.In the below mentioned sentence, the case is incorrect.
Hence, the verb added at the end is incorrect as well.
Incorrect: प्राचार्य शिक्षक को बुलाए।|(Praachaarya shikshak ko bulaaye.)
This can be amended by adding “ने” to the sentence.
Correct: प्राचार्य ने शिक्षक को बुलाया|
( Praacharya ney shikshak ko bulaaya.)
The principal called the teacher.
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