{Suresh 503} Compound

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{Suresh 503} Compound- समास ( Samaas)

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 दो या दो से अधिक पदों (शब्द) के परस्पर मेल को समास कहते हैं |
(Do ya do se adhik padon(shabdon) ke paraspar mail ko 
samaas kahtey hain. )
Definition:  When two or more than two  words join together, 
are  called Compound
1.These compounds are made by omitting the verb between two words.
These compound could be broken by को (ko)-to as stated below:
यशप्राप्त (Yashpraapt) = यश (fame)  को प्राप्त (Who  received the fame)
जेबकतरा (Jebkatra) = जेब (pocket)  को कतरने (clips/cuts) वाला
 (who pick pockets)
II.These compounds are made by omitting the instrumental case.
These compound could be broken by से  (Se) from as per
 details indicated below:

हस्तलिखित (Hastlikhit) = हस्त (hand) से लिखित (written with hand)
मनचाहा (Manchahaa) = मन (mind) से चाहा (liked wiht mind)
III.These compounds are made by omitting the locative case.
These compound could be broken by “में” (Mein – in) or “पर” (Par – on)
as mentioned below:
घुड़सवार (Ghudsavaar) = घोड़े (horse) पर सवार (Riding) on a horse)
वनवासी (Vanvaasee) = वन ( forest) में वास (staying) staying in
a forest/jungle/woods. – in exile)
IV.These compounds are made by omitting the ablative case.
These compound could be broken by “से” (Se – from) as follows:
ऋणमुक्त (rinmukt) = ऋण(debt/loan)) से मुक्त (free from a debt/loan)
धनहीन (Dhanheen) = धन (wealth) से हीन (deficient from wealth/ money)
V.These compounds are made by omitting the dative case.
These compound could be broken by के लिए (ke liye) for as
specified below:
रसोईघर (Rasoighar) = रसोई ( kitchen) के लिए घर (house for a kitchen)
देशभक्ति (Deshbhakti) = देश (country) के लिए भक्ति (devotion for a country)
VI.These compounds are made by omitting the genitive case.
These compound could be broken by का (Kaa) of or के (Ke)-of or की (Kee)
of For example:
पराधीन (Paraadheen) = पर ( others) के आधीन (Under of others)
सेनापति (Senapati) = सेना का पति (Commander of an army)
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