{Suresh 554} Nice sentences

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{Suresh 554} Nice sentences अच्छे  वाक्य (

 Acchey vaaky)
आपकी माँगी हुई साडी आजकल नहीं मिलती ।(Aaapkee maangee hui saadee aajkal nahin miltee.)
The saree you asked for is not available nowadays,
मुझे इसको छोड़ना है । (Mujhey isko chhodna hai.) I have to leave this.
मुझे देखना चाहिए । ( Mujhey dekhnaa chahiye.) I should see.
हिंदी पढते रहो । (Hindi padhtey raho.) Hindi padhtey raho | Keep on stuying Hindi.
हम जाते रहेंगे । ( Ham jaatey rahengey.) We will keep going/ continuing.
वह बढ़ता रहता है । (Vah bahdtaa raha hai.) He keeps on growing.
वे दिन भर कार्य करते रहते हैं । (Vey din bhar kaary kartey rahtey hain.)
They keep working all day long/thoughout the day.
उसे अपना कार्य करने दो ।( Usey apna kaary kartey rahney do.)
 Let him do his work.
मैं उससे  बोला ।(Main usasey bolaa.)  I spoke to him.
मैने उससे कहा ।(Mainey usasey kaha.)  I told him.
मुझे देखना  चाहिए था । ( Mujhey dekhnaa chahiye tha.)I should  have seen.
वह मुझे जाने देगी । ( Vah mujhey jaaney degee.) She will allow me to go.
उसके बाल झड जाते हैं । ( Uskey bal jhad jaatey hai.) His hair keeps falling out.

उसे बाद में आना चाहिए । (Usey baad mein aana chahiye.) He should come back later.

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