{Suresh 558} Nice sentences

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{Suresh 558} Nice sentences
अच्छे  वाक्य ( Acchey vaaky)
उसे मालूम नहीं था क्या कहना है |
(Usey maaloom nahin tha kya kahnaa hai .)
He did not know what to say.
 हम जो चाहते हैं हम कहाँ प्राप्त कर सकते हैं?
(Ham jo chahtey hain ham kahaan praapt kar saktey hain?)
Where can we get what we want?
ये किताबें घर ले जाओ |
(Ye kitaabein ghar le jaao.)
Take these books home.
बाजार से दूध ले आना |
( Baazaar se doodh le aana.)
Bring milk from the shop.
मधु कार से उतर गई |
(Madhu car sey  utar gai.) Madhu got off the car.
मधु कार से उतर आई |
(Madhu car sey  utar aai.)
Madhu came off the car.
बच्चे सोये हैं |
(Bacchey soye hain.)

The children are asleep.
बच्चे सो चुके हैं |
(Bacchey so chukey hain.)
The children have fallen asleep.
वह आकर कुर्सी पर बैठ गया |
( Vah aakar kursee par baith gaya.)
He came and sat on the chair.
अगर तुम  दूध यहाँ रखोगे तो बिल्ली पी जायेगी |
( Agar tum doodh yahaan rakhogey to billee pee jaayegee.)
If you will keep the milk here, then the  cat will drink.
हरीश को बुखार था, तब भी वह जलसे  (party) में शामिल ( joined) हुआ |
(Harish ko bukhaar tha, tab bhee vah jalsey mein shaamil hua.)
Harish had fever still then  he joined the party .
1. What is a milkman called in Hindi?

2. Translate this sentence in Hindi differently than what is mentioned in this
lesson but must have similar meaning.:He did not know what to say.
3. Synonym for बुखार

4. Write this sentence politely:बाजार से दूध ले आना |
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