{Suresh 559} Nice sentences

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{Suresh 559} Nice sentences
अच्छे  वाक्य ( Acchey vaaky)

वह आजकल बहुत खुश है ।(Vah aajkal bahut khush hai.)
He is very happy now-a-days.
वह इन दिनों खुश रहता है । (Vah in dionon khush rahtaa hai.)
He remains happy these days.
रानी माँ को देखकर  खुश हुई ।(Raanee maa ko dekhkar khush hui,)
Ranee became happy seeing mother.
यहाँ बहुत भीड़ ( crowd) हो रही है | (Yahaan bahut bheed ho rahee hai.)
It is becoming very crowded here.
वह अपनी गलती पर शर्मिन्दा ( ashamed) है ।
(Vah apnee galtee par sharmindaa hai.)
He is ashamed of his mistake.
चिट्ठी  न मिलने के कारण पिताजी परेशान लगते हैं ।
(Chitthee na milney ke kaaran pitaajee pareshaan lagtey hain.)
Father seems to be upset due to non receipt of the letter.
शाम तक घर  आ जाना । (Sgaam tak ghar aa jaana.)
Come home by the evening.

यहाँ  सभी सुविधायें उपलब्ध हैं ।

(Yahaan sabhee suvidhaayein uplabdh hain.)
All the facilities are available here.
मैं भी चलता हूँ ।(Main bhee chaltaa huun.) I also go.
अब ज़रा कमरा सजा ( decorate) लें ।( Ab jara kamraa sajaa lein.)
Let us  decorate the room now.
उसके पिताजी कहाँ रहते हैं ?
(Uskey pitaajee kahaa rahtey hain?)
Where does his father live?
यहाँ उनका आना संभव ( possible) नहीं ।
(Yahaan unkaa aanaa sambhav naheen.)
It is not possible for them to come here.
उसकी नौकरी अच्छी है ।
(uskee naukaree achhee hai.)
His job/employment is good.
डाकघर  के पासवाली  इमारत ( building) में  एक कार्यालय  है ।
(Daakghar ke paaswaalee imraat mein ek kaaryaalay hai.)
There is an office close /adjacent to the post office.
मुझे दस बजे से पहले पहुंचना पडेगा ।
(Mujhey das bajey se pahley pahunchnaa padegaa.)
I will have to arrive before 10 ‘o clock
क्या तुम्हें कोई तकलीफ है?(Kya tumhein koi takleef hai.)
Do you have any problem?
तुम क्यों चिंतित दिखाई दे रहे हो ?
(Tum kyon chintit dikhaai dey rahey ho?)
Why are you looking worried?
1. What is the other meaning of सजा which does not pertain to this lesson.
2. Synonyms for इमारत  in Hindi.
3.  Antonym for संभव.
4.Write this sentence correctly as words are jumbled up.
वह अपनी गलती है  पर   शर्मिन्दा |

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