{Suresh 565} You are a part of me now.-poem

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{Suresh 565} = कविता (kavita)-poem : You are a part of me now
अब तुम   मेरा  हिस्सा (अंग ) हो  |
(Ab tum mera hissa or ang ho.)
अब ( Now) तुम   मेरा  हिस्सा (अंग – part ) हो |
(Ab tum mera hissa or ang ho.)
You are a part of me now
तुमने मुझे छूआ ( touched)
(Tumney mujhey chhuua.
You touched me,
तुम्हारी दया और प्रेम के साथ
(Tumhaaree daya aur prem ke saath<
With your kindness and love.
इतना  मुग्ध.(enchanted)
(itnaa mugdh)
So enchanted.
तुम्हारे  कोमल (नरम – soft)  होंठ (lips) दयालु हैं |
(Tumhaarey komal ( naram ) honth dayaalu hain.
Your soft lips are kind.
तुम्हारी आँखें जीवन  ( life) के साथ चमकती ( glow) हैं |
( Tumhaaree aankhein jeevan ke saath chamaktee hain.)
Your eyes glow with life.
मुझे खुशी है  तुमने  मुझे छुआ,
(Mujhey khushee hai tumney mujhey chhuaa.)
I’m glad you touched me,
अब तुम   मेरा  हिस्सा (अंग ) हो  |
(Ab tum mera hissa or ang ho.)
You’re part of me now.
लॉयड कार्ल ओले  (चेरोकी)
This one was shared by someone in a site. Thank you.It has some beautiful Hindi words emnated from the tranaltion of English poem which I found extremely beautiful.
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