{Suresh 566} Proverbs

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{Suresh 566} proverbs

Introduction: Some of the useful Proverbs in Hindi is being shared for the benefit
of Hindi learners, together with English transliteration and translation in English.
This will help improve vocabulary, pronunciation etc.
I have tried to explain them to best of my ability,wherever required.
A कहावतें (proverbs) (from the Latin proverbium), is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of humanity. They are often metaphorical. Almost every language has own proverbs. The study of proverbs is called: paremiology from Greek which dates back to Aristotle’s time. Paremiography, on the other hand, is the collection of proverbs. I believe that a prominent proverb scholar in the United States is Wolfgang Mieder who has written or edited over 50 books on the subject.
कहावतें ( kahavatein.)
हड्डी ( bone) खाना आसान ( easy) पर पचाना ( to digest) मुश्किल |
(Haadee khaana aasaan par pachaan mushkil.)
It is easy to eat the bone but difficult to digest.
रिश्वत कभी न कभी पकड़ी ही जाती है|
( Rishwat kabhee na kabhee pakdee hee jaatee hai.)
Bribe receiver/taker is caught sometimes as well.
हर मर्ज ( disease) की दवा (medicine) होती है|
(Har marj kee dawa hotee hai.)
There is a medicine for every disease.
हर बात का उपाय है| ( Har baat kaa upaay hai.)
There is a remedy for everything.
हराम की कमाई ( earning) हराम में गँवाई ( lost) |
(haraam kee kamai haraam mein ganwaai.)
Ill got money ,ill spent.
बेईमानी का पैसा बुरे कामों में जाता है|
(Beimaanee kaa paisaa burey kaamon mein jaataa hai.)
The money earned by way of dishonesty goes for bad deeds.
हर्रा लगे न फिटकरी ( alum) रंग आए चोखा ( pure) |
(Harra lagey na fitkaree rang aaye chokhaa|)
Without spending anything the colour comes.
बिना कुछ खर्च किए काम बनाना|
(Binaa kuchh kharch kiye kaambanaana.)
To get the work done without spending any money.
हाथ ( hand) सुमरनी पेट ( stomach ) कतरनी|( cuts)
(Haath sumarnee peyt kataranee.)
ऊपर से अच्छा भीतर से बुरा|
( Oopar se achha bheetar sey bura.)
Good from outside but bad from inside.
हाथी के दाँत खाने के और, दिखाने के और |
( Tusk of elephant is different for eating and showing)
(Haathee ke daant khaaney ke aur , dikhaaney ke aur.
भीतर और बाहर में अंतर होना|
(Bheetar aur baahar mein antar hona.)
Difference form inside and outside
हाथी निकल गया दुम रह गई|
(Haathee nikal gaya dum rah gai.)
Elephant passed but tail got stuck up.
थोड़े से के लिए काम अटकना|
(Thodey se ke liye kaam ataknaa.)
Work to get stuck up for a little.
होनहार बिरवान के होत चीकने पात|
(Honhaar birwaan ke hot cheekney paata.)
अच्छे गुण ( qualities/merits) आरम्भ ( beginning) में ही दिखाई देने लगते हैं|
(Acchey gun aarambh mein hee dikhai deney lagtey hain.)
The good qualities are seen at the very outset ( e.g.)
at the time of birth of a child.
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