[Suresh 178] Astrology :Vocabulary

Download article as PDF Master Your Vocabulary. Take a look at: Vocabulary List - Easy to study list with pictures and recordings for some wordsHi All, Remember Suresh-ji’s lesson on Astrology […]
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Master Your Vocabulary. Take a look at:
Vocabulary List - Easy to study list with pictures and recordings for some words

Hi All,

Remember Suresh-ji’s lesson on Astrology vocabulary words?  Many people have wondered what those lights in the sky really are.  And over time we have found that some are planets going around the sun just like the earth.  Some are stars that are light years a way (a light year is the distance light travels in a year).  Some are galaxys much like our Milky Way.   Some are balls of ice or rock that are in very elleptical orbits that are easy to spot for a time and then disappear for years.  It is no wonder that our ancestors tried to make sense of it in the only ways that they knew how.

But there is still so much to learn.  And you can help out in that quest.  There is an astronomer trying to raise money to observe a very mysterious star, KIC 8462852.    Take a look at the video to learn more:


I hope you will join me in supporting this project.







[Suresh 178] Astrology :Vocabulary

Attention: It is written only for the purpose of learning Hindi words with translation to best of my understanding and knowledge.
For more clarification, please contact the concerned Astrologers

Some of  my favorite  authors in these subjects are Ms. Linda Goodman,  Mr. Jagjit Uppal, Mr. Bezaan Daruwala , Late Kero
देवनागरी/ Devanagari

लिप्यंतरण (Lipyantaran) Transliteration

अनुवाद (Anuwaad)Translation

Some related vocabulary words:

ज्योतिष शास्त्र  (Jyotish shaastr) – Astrology

राशि चक्र  (Rashi chakra)  zodiac:

जन्म कुण्डली  (Janm-kundalee)  horoscope

भविष्यवाणी  (Bhavishyavaanee) – predictions

नक्षत्र  (Nakshatra): constellations

मास  (maas) month

शुभ (shubh)  or मंगल  auspicious

मंगलमय (mangalmay) good luck

अनुकूल (Anukool) favourable

विघ्न (vighn) disturbance

स्पंदन (spandan) vibration

उपाय (oopaay) remedy

अनुकूलता  (anukoolata) compatibility

रत्ती  (rattee)- .59 metric carats.

पूर्वपद (purvpad) antecedent

दोष (dosh) defect

हानिकर (haanikar) malefic

खगोल – विद्या (Khagol vidhya) astronomy

अंक ज्योतिष (ank jyotish)  numerology

लॉटरी (lottery)  game of chance

टैरो पत्ते (Taro Pattey)  Tarot  cards.

पारा   (Paara) Mercury

पूर्णिमा  Poornmia) full moon  or शुक्ल पक्ष (shukl paksh)

अमावस्य (Amaavasya)  waning moon or  कृष्ण पक्ष  (Krishn paksh)

वास्तु रेखा  (Vaastu Rekha): talks about directions  (दिशा) plot size ,, construction of house/rooms and it’s  locations etc.


राशि (rashi) zodiac  12 signs:  for the Year  2011

1.मेष  (Mesh): Aries– March 21-April 20,

It represents adventure (साहस- saahas), , short lived fascination (अल्पकालिक आकर्षण,-alpkaalik aakarshan)  , unpredictable (अप्रत्याशित,-apratyashit) , unconventional (अपरंपरागत-apramparagat) , speaks fluently (धाराप्रवाह बोलना  =dhaaraapravaah bolna), Change of house, depression, outspoken, lack of discipline, full of ideas, treats  life a game

Please set the Ruby  gem in gold ring  to be worn in ring finger of  any hand.(will control quick in anger habit)
2. वृषभ (Vrishabh) Taurus April 21,- May 20,
साहूकार (sahookar Banker/moneylender , rigid stance(कठोर रुख-kathor rukh)  , good listener (अच्छा श्रोता-acchha shrota)  , nurse a grudge (कुढ़ना-kudhna)
would struggle , a change of location(may be overseas), frequent travel, good health,  pay attention arthritis patients,), loyal , fine voice  and observer,
Set the sapphire(preferably white or blue( in gold and put in middle finger. If it does not suit in a months time replace sapphire  with ruby on either hand.(for all round prosperity)
3. मिथुन<(Mithun) Gemini:- May 21-June 20
Conversationalist, Tension ( तनाव,-tanaav) , (बेचैन,-baichaiyn) ,  good speaker (अच्छा वक्ता,-acchha vakta)  good health  , humane,  generous,  highly imaginative,  restless  ,  quite popular,  moody, flair for writing, stubborn   &  self centered
Single diamond set in gold wring to be worn in little finger of either hand. –will be able to realize most of your dreams.
4.  कर्कट (Karkat) – Cancer: June 21-July 21 :,
Nurtureer  (पोषणकर्ता-poshankarta) , fluctuation  (अस्थिरता –asthirata) of moods Excellent health,  successful year ,  sincere and  could be highly successful
(Coral in gold ring to be put in little finger of either hand.
5. सिंह (Sinh): Leo: July 22-Aug. 21
नेता  Neta (leader), live in glory (महिमा-mahimaa) of past or future utopia  (स्वप्नलोक=swapnlok), Second half may not be good compared to first six months.  flair,  tall,  long strides,  happy to be by yourself,  particular about own  image, yellow sapphire in gold ring to be worn in index finger of either hand..  Also coral in ring finger of either hand.
6. कन्या(Kanya)  Virgo: Aug 22, Sept. 21
व्यापारी (vyapaaree) :trader,  spruce (सजाना –sajaanaa), tidy(सुथरा-suthara)  home, will achieve goal by year end, auspicious occasion in family,  jovial person, indecisive in choosing a profession,
Emerald set in gold ring and wear in ring finger in either hand.
7. तुला(Tula) Libra: Sept22, Oct. 21 :
भाग्यशाली (Bhaagyashaalee)= lucky ,  gentle voice  (कोमल आवाज- komal awaaz) ,  slender(पतला=patla) ,  tall,  good looking,  soft , will travel lot and  ambitious,
Second half should be good, lucky
Single blue sapphire set in gold ring to be worn in middle finger of either hand. If it does not suit in a months time, replace with coral and put in ring finger of either hand.
8. वृश्चिक (Vrishchik) Scorpio: Oct. 22, Nov. 21
रहस्यवादी< (Rahasyawadee) mystic dignified सम्मानजनक,-sammanjanak<), keen observer (पर्यवेक्षक<), unbiased opinion( निष्पक्ष राय,-nishpaksh rai) , outspoken (मुखर-mukhar), original,  highly imaginative  (उच्च कल्पनाशील -Ucchh Kalpanasheel), a shift in  job,  location or studies), well built,
A good quality Pearl set in gold ring to be worn in index or little finger of either hand. Besides, women can try single drop pearl in both ears. But only for career growth /financial security ruby will help you.
9. धनुष (Dhanush) Sagittarius< Nov. 22 – Dec. 20
उपदेशक  (Updeshak) preacher, mental stress  (मानसिक तनाव-maansik  tanaav), optimistic (आशावादी-aashaavadee)  setting up in office, employed much in demand,  bold, a little too blunt,  self-reliance in careers , two occupations at a time , highly talented,
Ruby set in gold ring in ring finger of either hand. In case of any problem, coral in gold ring, in ring finger of either hand to be worn.
10. मकर (Maker) Capricorn< Dec. 21-Jan.20 will get admin job,
कोषाध्यक्ष (Koshadhyaksh); Financier, Highly ambitious  (अत्यधिक महत्वाकांक्षी-atyadhik mahatvakaankshee) , aristocratic (कुलीनतंत्रीय-kuleentantreey ), Keen (इच्छुक-icchuk),   major changes in career, offer (प्रस्ताव-prastaav) from multinational for some, tall ,  loves to travel ,  suffers from complex ,  excel in studies,  sports,  serious outlook of life (early troubled childhood.),  some of you may be charitable,  a responsible family person,
Diamond set in gold ring to be worn in  little finger on either hand.
11.कुम्भ<(Kumbh) Aquarius: Jan 20 -Feb. 21  :
जन – हितैषी(Jan-hitaishee) Philanthropist, Good for career,  marriage  , will have baby , deeply intelligent, voracious reader,
A single diamond set in gold ring to be worn in little finger on either hand.
2. <मीन (Meen) Pisces< Feb.22-Mar. 20
कल्पना करनेवाला (Kalpana karneywala)- Dreamer refined in taste =  सुरूचि –suruchi), highly sensitive= बेहद संवेदनशील(Behad samvedansheel),  in education will do remarkably (उल्लेखनीय-ullekhneey) well,  friendly &   Lucky/  fortunate,
Pearl in a gold ring to be worn in the index finger on either hand. The women can wear a single drop pearl in each ear.
S.Suresh Kumar,
An online Hindi tutor and translator
91 09840643690
नव ग्रह (NAV GRAH) nine  plants:
Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Shani, Sun, Rahu & Ketu
1. शनि (shani) Saturn-sun of Son God : साढ़े सात साल की शनि खतरनाक मानी जाती है |(Saadhey saat saal kee shani khatarnaak maanee jaatee hai.) . The seven and half years Saturn is  considered dangerous
2. बृहस्पति (Brihaspati)-God of learning ); Jupiter    बृहस्पति सभी तारामंडल के बीच सबसे शक्तिशाली है|   (Brihaspati sabhee nakshatron mein sabsey adhik shaktiwalee hai ). Jupitar is the most powerful signs amongst all the constellations
3.शुक्र(shukr) Venus-Guru of demons-Sukracharya : शुक्र दौलत इकठ्ठा करने में मदद करता है|(Shukr daulat Ikattha karney mein madad karta hai.)  Venus helps  to raise  wealth.
4.मंगल(Mangal) Mars  : इस ग्रह  की शांति के लिए  चेष्टा करें| ( Is grah kee shanti key liye cheshta karein. ) Try for the peace of this constellation.
5.राहू(raahu) 6.केतु(ketu) : यह जीवन के  चक्र के दौरान बाधा में लाता है|(Yah jeevan ke chakra ke dauraan baadhaa laata hai.): This brings impediment during the life cycle  .Please note:  Rahu (In Hindu mythology, Rahu is a snake that swallows the sun or the moon causing eclipses.)
Ketu (In Vedic astrology, Ketu is the Moon’s South (descending) node.) legends have a different view from astrology. There was a demon who got his head chopped off by God Vishnu. He was trying to drink nectar. Lord Vishnu chopped off his neck  so that the nectar could not go fully into his body. The head is called “Rahu” and the remaining body is called “Ketu”.
7. बुध(Budh)-mercury
8. चन्द्र  (Chandra) moon :  अगर चंद्रमा कमजोर है, तब  यह आपके स्वास्थ्य को प्रभावित करेगा | ( Agar chandrama kamzor hai, tab yah aapkey swaasthy ko prabhaavit karenga.) If moon is weak, it would affect  your health
9.. सूर्य (Sury)- Sun),

S.Suresh Kumar
An online Hindi tutor and translator

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