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In the past we had offer the following gifts in exchange for donations.   These are currently not available.  The audio content for the learn the Hindi consonants and the booklet are available in the paid subscriber area:

Learn your consonants

For those that contribute $25 or more, we will mail 3 CDs that contain the podcasts that we started doing in January 2009 related to the consonants. We are publishing 1 a week on the site (you need to pace yourself when studying individual sounds), but you can go ahead and get them on CD. You can see the ones that we have published on the site so far here. Along with this will be a booklet containing similar content to what we have on the wiki about the consonants. This will help you when you listen to the CD. Also, we are including the book below to help you practice writing each of the consonants. We will mail this to you anywhere in the world.

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See a preview that Aarti has put together about the writing book

Previously we had been giving away the Navneet Kid’s Primer.

We no longer have the Hindi Primer below.  We have given away all our copies.   This is the book that we started on: October 12, 2008.

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

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