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For more than 4 years ISpeakHindi.com has been publishing Hindi lessons several times a week.  There are already more than 1,100 lessons published on the site.  We have been adding features and functionality to the site.  We are constantly adding more.  It is easy to get lost and not know what the next step is to do.  Here is the place for you to get started.

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What should you do right now to learn the next thing in Hindi?

I want to make the site better. 

There are lots a ways that you can help make this site better.  We need people with all sorts of skills.  We have some jobs that can be done in 5 minutes, and others that might require a little more time.  Rather it is helping to remove spam, rate a lesson, confirm that a bug has been fixed, create a sample sentence for an English or Hindi word, review a translation, record a phrase, or review some other material.  We could use your help.

I want to connect with people. 

Most likely you are learning Hindi to connect with people.  I SpeakHindi.com gets over 1100 visits a day.  We have more than 2,000 people registered on the site, and more than 7,000 on our email list.  There are a lot of people to connect with.  Visit this section to find out more.


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Profile photo of Nathan Started ISpeakHindi.com in June 2007. Continue to work on ISpeakHindi.com to learn Hindi myself and to help others want to learn it. Nathan Price is the sole owner of ISpeakHindi.com.