Learn Hindi Daily Show

Do you want to learn Hindi? Are you currently learning Hindi? Are you looking for a way to continue to learn Hindi? Then you have come to the right place!

The Learn Hindi Daily Show is the way to keep learning a little bit of Hindi each and everyday. If you are just learning the letters, then each day we look at one symbol and the sound it could make. Learn the symbol of the day and with in a few weeks, you will know most of your letters. Do you want to just learn some Hindi phrases? Each day we introduce a new Hindi phrase.   How is your ability to understand spoken Hindi?  We give a “mystery” word and use it in a sentence each day.  Then we tell you what the phrase is the next day.  Also, we go over a daily grammar exercise.  And we go over some more advance Hindi materials such as articles from the BBC Hindi site.  We also have a variety of speakers and teachers that help with the site, and keep the program interesting by adding something new and different.

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About the Author

Profile photo of Nathan Started ISpeakHindi.com in June 2007. Continue to work on ISpeakHindi.com to learn Hindi myself and to help others want to learn it. Nathan Price is the sole owner of ISpeakHindi.com.