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image_thumb[3]Are you just starting to learn Hindi?  Or have you been learning Hindi for a while?  Either way, you have come to the right place!  We have Hindi lessons at all levels, and we produce new, fresh, and different Hindi learning materials each week.  Ready to get started?

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Hindi learning needs to become a habit.  We are already in the habit of checking email.  Use this habit to help learn Hindi as well.  It is simple to get on our email list.  Just fill out the form below. 

Now you will start receiving a Hindi lesson everyday.  Some of the Hindi lessons may be at a different level than you are at.  If it is too low, use it as a review.  If it is too high, then try to learn a few words, or look at related episodes that will be more at your level.

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Register on this site to start posting messages in the forums, leaving comments on the lessons, and startimage_thumb[5] using some of our interactive tools.  It is simple to register.  Just fill out this form.  After you do that, then you can ask questions in the forums and you can join some of the groups that you might be interested in.

Step 3: Find Lessons that are right for you

ISpeakHindi.com has been publishing lessons since 2007.  We have lessons at all levels and covering all different subjects.  Find a lesson that is right for you.  Here are just a few to get you started:

Newbie lessons/key phrases:

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Beginner Lessons:

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Intermediate/Advance Lessons:

  1. Conversation at a Cloth Shop (8/30/2009)
  2. Buying a Sari (8/24/2009)
  3. Basic Conversations – How long are you staying? (10/3/2010)
  4. Conversation – Booking a hotel room (10/2/2010)
  5. Where to Find a Church (9/22/2010)
  6. Basic Conversations – The Weekend (9/17/2010)
  7. How to Tell time in Hindi (8/10/2009)

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Profile photo of Nathan Started ISpeakHindi.com in June 2007. Continue to work on ISpeakHindi.com to learn Hindi myself and to help others want to learn it. Nathan Price is the sole owner of ISpeakHindi.com.