Most lessons on ISpeakHindi.com are 5 to 10 minutes long. Each covers something different. Some are simple and explain only a single word or a useful phrase. Other episodes explain a rule of grammar and give you many examples. Some give you practice listening out for a particular sound and symbol in Hindi. Others are examples of conversations, news articles and other life like encounters with Hindi.  We publish them several times a week, check out our most recent lesson.

You can always search for an episode if you are looking for something in particular. Or you can look at it based upon your level.

Newbie – No previous experience with Hindi.  These lessons focus on memorization of phrases.  The Hindi words are often transliterated in the English script to make it easier to remember and practice.  The goal is to learn a few phrases to achieve specific goals, with no intention of understand the grammar and mechanics of the phrase.

Beginner – Little or no experience with Hindi is necessary.  Learn the symbols and sounds of Hindi, basic grammar, common words, and practice them in several different contexts.

Intermediate – You know how to read the Hindi script and form basic sentences.  The focus here is to develop fluency and fluidity.  Also, more complex sentences are introduced.

Advanced –  You can easily read, write, speak, and understand Hindi.  Complicated examples are provided to put push the limits of your Hindi knowledge.  Focus is on refining, and developing an understanding of the nuances and subtleties of Hindi.

All – This area serves two roles.  First, these are episodes that will be useful for Hindi students at any level.  These include interviews with Hindi teachers and people that can provide an unique perspective on Hindi or India.  It also includes the regular listener comments and questions episodes, product reviews, cultural lessons, etc.  Second, this section provides a complete listing of all the episodes on the site.

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About the Author

Profile photo of Nathan Started ISpeakHindi.com in June 2007. Continue to work on ISpeakHindi.com to learn Hindi myself and to help others want to learn it. Nathan Price is the sole owner of ISpeakHindi.com.