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@dominique-la-mantia Namaste Jii. Welcome to View
  • Hi @nathan, when you get to ए and ऐ (and also ओ and औ) could you please clarify whether the longer ones are always diphthongs or are sometimes just a longer version of the short vowel sound? I gather with अ आ इ ई उ ऊ the longer ones are not a diphthongs, so it is only length (not a change of sound) that distinguishes them? Thanks!

    • ऐ and औ are diphthongs, i.e. the sound changes from the beginning to the end. The other vowels are pure, i.e. the beginning sound is held throughout the pronunciation of the vowel. We will point this out wen we get to ऐ and औ

  • Monica posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    @nathan love the new tool bar!

  • Karen posted an update 4 years, 5 months ago

    Anyone help me translate these sentences into English? Thanks very much!!
    ‘Main first cycle interns ke
    saath khub maze kar raha hoon. Tumhari hindi ki practice kaisi chal
    rahi hai?’ @nathan

  • @nathan Nathanji, kindly check your mail for the second set of lessons.

    • I have uploaded a lesson of yours for today. And another is set to go live on 5/19. I will be adding the other ones in the next few days. Thank you for helping us spread Hindi knowledge.

  • @nathan Namasteji, I had send the second set of conversations. Could not find the previous ones on the site.One student anju viramani had requested some exercises for adjectives, pronouns, nouns, etc. Shall I prepare them?

  • @nathan Nathanji Please check your mailbox.

  • @nathan – Namaste Nathanji,Its been longtime since you told that you will send me the details for posting new lessons. I would like to send some lessons for

  • @nathan I really miss hearing from you and your inlaws (I guess?). Are you guys still making episodes? I consider myself sort of an advanced beginner, and your shows are super helpful. If you are putting them out there, can you tell me where I can get them, if not on my iTunes or on the site?

  • santosh kumar posted an update 5 years ago

    dear nathan ji. the i speak hindi chat box is not working. krupaya look over this problem@nathan

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    @nathan Bhai Sahb! i have sent you (from my gmail to yours) a 5-minute audio report from me at the NYC India Day Parade finally made into an MP3. I hope it transfers and maybe you can use it in the podcast!

    • Wonderful wonderful report! Very well done. It will be published this Sunday. I really enjoyed listening to it, and I know that others will too!

  • johnnyji posted a new activity comment 5 years ago

    @nathan Another group idea, to make a Hindi Poetry group! Aap kya sochte hain? Suresh has been composing very nice original poems, and also classical poems would be good to post and discuss all together in one group! कविता / शायरी ;

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  • @nathan : I signed up to subscribe through today, but i still cant see the paid subscriber tab. this is fine, because i assume maybe the website requires a processing period. is this right? how long does it usually take? im excited to support this website…it has been indispensible to my hindi learning journey!

    • Laura jii, thank you for supporting the site!!! There is a delay between signup and having your login marked as a paid subscriber since there the connection between the site and amazon payments is manual. Your account is now setup with paid subscriber access. Let me know if you have any problems accessing it. This is something that I need to…[Read more]

  • @nathan – Nathanjee: Kaise hain? Mein ek prashan oothaa chahtee hoon. In Hindi movies, people are always saying ”Achhaa lagta hai” or ”Achhaa lagtee hai” or things along these lines. Sometimes it seems they are saying they like something or think someone looks nice. Can you please explain this to me? When is ”achhaa” masculine or feminine? W…[Read more]

    • Hi, Achcha lagna means “to like”.For masculaine we say” achcha lagta hai” and for feminine we use ” achchi lagti” Whereas if someone mentions “tum achche ho”, or “tum achchi ho”, then it means “you are good/nice”.
      Egs: Mujhe film achchi lagi – I liked the film.
      Raju achcha ladka hai – Raju is a good boy.
      Mujhe …. achcha nahin lagta -…[Read more]

      • Thank you for your response! So in your first example,(Mujhe film achchi lagi) are you using the feminine sense because “film” is feminine or because the speaker is feminine? Also, I have been studying many of your grammer lessons recently. Thank you for those; they are so helpful!

    • Maaf karna- if i may chime in with a helpful perspective: think of it as “the film strikes me as a good one” instead, so film is feminine & the subject, agrees with the verb & adjective; same way, mujhe pasand = it is pleasant to me. Sorta shows Indian philosophical idea that people experience conditions & emotions with less importance on the…[Read more]

      • Excuse me for not thanking you sooner, JohnnyJi! I’m not internet savvy, so finding responses to my questions sometimes takes me a bit longer than most. Thanks very much for your response; you have made it very clear! Dhanyavaad ji!

    • Johnnyji has explained it.

    • It looks like Kavitha and Johnnyji got back to you before I did. But this would be a good think to include in our next learn Hindi daily show… THanks for posting it..

  • Maree posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    @nathan :aapke protsaahan ke liye bahut dhanyavaad, Actually I’ve discovered that I already knew many of these words so it’s been great reviewing them. The hardest thing is to retain them long term. :)

  • Maree posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    @Nathan, I think there is a small mistake in the vocabulary section. In the ‘master 4 words’ it has ‘ve’
    to mean them. I think ve means they or those na.
    aaj subah New Zealand mein bahut dhuup hai. Kal ka mausam bahut thandaa thaa aur hamne olaa ka tufaan mile. :)

    • ahh that is true. Thanks for point that out so I could fix it.

      वे is they/those
      उन is them

  • :) that sounds great!! @nathan actually I was a little busy with my first music cd.Now I am done with the recording and waiting for the company to release.

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  • Maree posted an update 5 years, 2 months ago

    @nathan . Thanks for your encouragement. Great to see the word lists related to each lesson and I was surprised to see how many I have apparently mastered!!
    One thing I struggle with is learning is whether something is masculine or feminine.
    Maybe an idea for some future word lists would be a noun with an adjective so we could see them together…[Read more]

    • The list is sorted from “100% mastered” to “0% mastered”. The idea is that you could go to just below the 100% mastered, say 95% mastered, and that would be a good next lesson for you to look at. The idea is that you know most of the words in that lesson and will therefore not feel overwhelmed. It is still just the beginning.

      I like your idea…[Read more]

  • @nathan I sent you another detailed email.Please go through it at your earliest

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    @nathan there is a very nice graphic logo that george used for the fb page lilnked to his blog; could be a good T-shirt print, hai na?

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