word focus – तबीयत – health – line by line audio

  तबीयत – health

  मेरी तबीयत – my health

  आपकी तबीयत – your health

  उसकी तबीयत – his health/her health 

  उनकी तबीयत – their health 

  अच्छी तबीयत – good health  

  ठीक तबीयत – good health 

  आपकी तबीयत कैसी है? – How is your health?   

  मेरी तबीयत कैसी है? – How is my health? 

  उसकी तबीयत कैसी है? – How is his health?  How is her health? 

  मेरी तबीयत ठीक नहीं है। – My health is not good. 

  आपकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं है। – Your heath is not good. 

  उसकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं है। – His health is not good./ Her health is not good. 

  उनकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं है। – Their health is not good. 

  मेरी तबीयत ठीक नहीं थी। – My health was bad (not good). 

  उसकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं थी। – His health was not good. / Her health was not good. 

  उनकी तबीयत ठीक नहीं थी। Their health was not good.

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