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Hindi Alphabet Flashcards

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Each letter is presented on one card with an example word.  The letters have been cleverly incorporated into the image.  Notice how the ह in हाथी (elephant) is incorporated in the trunk and face of the elephant image?
Also, the letters are color coded to indicate which part of the mouth the letter is produced as well as an English word that contains that sound.  (ह makes the same sound as “h” in “honey”)

Namaste Jii – Elementary Hindi Textbook

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Looking for a textbook to learn Hindi?  Namaste Jii by Arun Prakash will teach you the basics of the language from reading and writing and teach you a good working stock of vocabulary and grammar rules that will let you express yourself. (You can see the table of contents on the wiki.) It is 480 pages long with an additional 16 pages for a English to Hindi dictionary.
The book was written as a high school textbook, and it is hardbound.

Hindi Alphabet Writing Workbook

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Hindi Alphabet Writing offers a hands-on approach to learning Hindi Alphabets. The highlights of the book are:

  1. Covers the 36 consonants of Hindi script.
  2. Colorful child friendly illustrations make learning fun!
  3. Teaches step-by-step to write each alphabet.
  4. It is bilingual -Hindi and English.
  5. Hindi transliteration included to help with pronunciation.
  6. Introduces new vocabulary.
  7. Facilitates beginning sound associations.
  8. A reward certificate is included for encouragement.
  9. 40 pages, soft cover.

Bilingual Hindi Alphabet writing workbook for kids

Navneet Kid’s Primer

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This 48 page book is used in India to teach Hindi speaking kids English.  Back in 2008 we did a set of lesson using the Navneet Kid’s Primer.   Look at these lessons to see if this booklet would be helpful to you.  Once you have received the book, then you can follow along these lessons as you read the book.

Hindi Phonics and Vocabulary Workbook

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Hindi Phonics and Vocabulary book is a fabulous way to introduce kids to the joy of learning a foreign language. Colorful illustrations and friendly characters keep the children engaged while introducing new words to build up vocabulary.Every familiar object in the book is marked with Hindi word (transliteration included) and its English equivalent which makes learning a breeze even for non-Hindi speakers.

  1. "LaLa – the monkey" introduces kids to letters and words in various story like scenes.
  2. Every letter has its own story which makes grasping and remembering words fairly easy.
  3. It is bilingual with Hindi transliteration for every word.
  4. The book contains several worksheets and activities like mazes, hidden objects,etc to re-enforce the learning.
  5. Answer sheets are included at the back of the book./li>
  6. The book also contains Pronunciation tips and an award certificate.
  7. Facilitates beginning sound associations.
  8. Facilitates beginning sound associations and increases vocabulary.
  9. 80 pages, soft cover.

25 Hindi Word Find Puzzles Booklet

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(Can be downloaded and printed from the paid subscriber area.  Or you can order a printed version.)
You can see examples of Hind Word Find Puzzles from these episodes: Fun and Games

Keyboard Stickers

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Enjoy typing Hindi with Hindi Keyboard Stickers!

  • Clean keyboard, 100% permanent print
  • Easy to attach & remove, map included
  • Unique coating protects from abrasion
  • Transparent matt key tops — no glare!
    Hindi Keyboard Stickers


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