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Sponsor ISpeakHindi.com and get your message out there.  ISpeakHindi is a daily learn Hindi podcast.  Several thousand listeners receive our lessons each day in their mailbox, and hundreds more come by the site each day to learn Hindi.  Who is an ISpeakHindi listener?  Well, they come from all over, all age ranges, all income brackets, and all sorts of interest.  One thing that do have in common is an interest in Hindi and in India.  Many of our listeners are considering traveling to India in the near feature.

If you have a product or service that would be of interest to people learning Hindi, traveling to India, or might be of interest to a broad range of people, then you should consider sponsoring an ISpeakHindi.com episode.

How does this work?  We have two versions of each lesson.  One is the public/free version.  The other is a paid subscriber’s only version.  Your message would be added to the public one.  At the beginning of the written lesson, we can include a short message/logo, and at the end of the lesson we can include a larger amount of content.  Similarly on the audio lesson we can mention at the beginning, “This lesson is sponsored by <your company>.  Stay tuned after the lesson for more information.” (Or something like that.)

Your message will stay on the site and associated to that podcast for at least a year.

How much does it cost?  It is very reasonably price:

$25 – sponsor a single lesson

$100 – sponsor 7 lessons in a row with the same content

$300 – sponsor an entire month’s worth of lessons (same content)

How to get started?  Just email nathan@ISpeakHindi.com and we will get you set up.

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