{Suresh 858}Some nice sentences

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{Suresh 858}Some nice sentences
कुछ अच्छे वाक्य (Kuchh achhey vaaky)
उसने पत्र लिखा |
( Usney ptr likha.)
He wrote a letter.
वह चिट्ठी लिख सका |
( Vah chithee likh saka.)
He could write a letter.
मैं यह कार्य कर चुकी |
(Main yah kaary kar chukee.)
I already finished this work.
क्या वह कल आयी ?
( Kya vah kal aayee?)
Did she come yesterday?
श्याम किससे मिला ?
( Shyam kisasey mila?)
Whom did Shyam meet?
लडके ने कहा |
( Ladkey ney kaha.)
The boy said.
वह काफी देर रुका |
( Vah kaafee deyr rukaa.)
He stopped for a long time.
मैने कपडे धोये |
(Mainey kapdey dhoye.)
I washed the clothes.
लक्ष्मी कमीज़ लाई |
(Lakshmee kameez laayee.)
Lakshmee brought the shirt.
लडकी बोली |
(Ladkee bolee.)
The girl said.
उसने घर से निकलते समय छींका |
( Usney ghar se nikltey samay chhenkaa.)
He sneezed before leaving ( while coming out of )the house.
रोगी जोर से खांसा |
( Rogee jor se khaansaa. )
The patient coughed loudly.
वह अमरुद खाने लगा |
(VVah amrud khaaney laga.)
He began eating the guava.
तुम कब दूकान गए ?
( Tum kab dukaan gaye?)
When did you go to the shop?
मैं ठंडे पानी से नहायी ।
(Main thandey paanee se nahaayee.)
I took bath with the cold water.
वह रास्ता भूली |
(Vah raastaa bhoolee .)
She forgot the way.
1. Identify a note of interrogation sentences.
2. What is अमरुद ?
3. One past sentence from above to be selected and meaning to be explained.
4.What do you mean by कब
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