Beginner Hindi #002 – Consonants – Part 1

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Mastered the vowels already?  That was quick.  Time to move on to the consonants… but lets start small.  Lets learn the first line of consonants, the first 5.  Press “Play” below to hear the podcast or use the one of the other play options.

क ख ग घ ङ

Now, each consonant already has the first vowel sound as part of it.  But you can add each of the other vowels to produce different sounds.  This is what it looks like for the first consonants क.

क + आ = का

क + इ = कि

क + ई = की

क + उ = कु

क + ऊ = कू

क + ए = के

क + ऐ = कै

क + ओ = को

क + औ = कौ

It is the same pattern for the other consonants.

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