Present tense sentence exercises – I eat fish.

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india-fish-market How can we become proficient at speaking and writing Hindi?  Only through lots, and lots of practice.  One type of practice you should routinely do is to take a pattern and create variations.

Consider this basic sentence:

मैं हूँ।

These two words almost always go together.  If you start a sentence with मैं (I), expect to end it with हूँ (am), even if you do not see a corresponding “am” in the English sentence.

Now let’s look at a pattern using the verb खाना which means “to eat”.

मैं खाता हूँ। – I eat.

मैं मछली खाता हूँ। – I eat fish.

मैं रात को मछली खाता हूँ।  – I eat fish at night.

मैं रोटी के साथ मछली खाता हूँ।  – I eat fish with roti.

मैं घर पर मछली खाता हूँ।  – I eat fish at home.


You can imagine these being the answers to:

क्या आप मछली खाते हैं?  – Do you eat fish?

or perhaps आप क्या खाते हैं?  – What do you eat?

Notice that the meaning of क्या is completely different in these two sentences.  In the first one, it turns it into a “yes/no” question.  In the second sentence, it means “what”.  Notice that if you see क्या at the beginning of the sentence it is turning a statement into a question, and if you see it in the middle of the sentence, it means “what”.

आप कब मछली खाते हैं?  – When do you eat fish?

आप मछली किस के साथ खाते हैं?  – With what do you eat fish?

आप कहाँ मछली खाते हैं?  – Where do you eat fish?

Try doing creating a similar set of sentences with a verb of your choice and come to the website and add your examples in a comment.  Here are some possible verbs you could use:

गाना – to sing

नाचना – to dance

लिखना – to write

पढ़ना – to read

Also, all the examples above where given in the masculine forms.  Do you know the feminine forms?  Come by the website and leave them in a comment.

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